My new sounds:

My new sounds:

My new sounds:

Taylor Swift & Kevin Hart - MTV VMA Video Promo 2012 (x)

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“There are beautiful things about both, being in love and being out of love, and I just think you have to find those things.”

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"I think it’s fearless to fall for your best friend, even though he’s in love with someone else.”

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My new sounds:

Grade 6

In the middle of discussion/story telling, our teacher asked a question

"Sino dito ang gustong nababati?" (praised)

i raised my hand without knowing my classmates’ answer..

our teacher who’s hiding her laughter, looked at me and at the other kid with the same answer..

I’m slight confused why my classmates were laughing..when chit-chats and noises ceased,the teacher was like sharing again the story about her daughter who doesn’t like to be praised..

after that short preview.. she asked the same question again..

and with self-confidence, i raised my hand again without looking around..

the whole class started to laugh, but at that time , it was louder..

 It’s funny but it’s real.. the number of hands with the answer  “Me”, was the same as the number of hands raised on the first time it was asked..

i was in grade 6 then, but i was thinking

does my classmates really don’t like being praised or complimented?


they were just carried away by the story of our teacher..

up until now, when i remember this , i’m still thinking of what they are thinking at that time to those two students who raised their hands..

do they care?

do we have the same answer? or

whether it’s a yes or a no , it won’t change a thing..

if I were to be asked that same question when i was in grade 6.. hmm

Nothing has changed. I’d still answer the same even if people will laugh at me because i still don’t get it .. “Being shameful when complimented” haha

I know it’s human nature but we could at least say ‘thank you’ and absorb it as words of inspiration to make be a better person.

to my grade 6 classmates who still remember me and this story, can i get your answers?

Thanks for passing by !!

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